About us

A fraternity unlike any other

With over 800 years of history, we are not your average fraternity, but we might be one of the longest standing. We passionately serve the poor and underserved with our various talents. Many of us previously worked as healthcare professionals, lawyers, engineers, artists and more before joining the Order of Friars Minor.

We serve the underserved

We work to bring joy, hope and God's goodwill to people of every age, race, demographic and spiritual background. Providing food, shelter, and comfort to the underserved, the foundation of our work is rooted in prayer, fraternity and care for the poor.

We go where the need is greatest

Working in urban and rural areas across the United States, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Jamaica, we serve in schools and universities, hospitals, prisons, parishes, soup kitchens, retreat centers and more.
“Remember the words of our Lord: Love your enemies.”
— St. Francis of Assisi

Honoring Our Lady of Guadalupe

We chose Our Lady of Guadalupe as our patroness because of her ties to North America. Her compassion and advocacy for people who are oppressed and suffering calls us to live in solidarity with people who have been marginalized.