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The process of creating a new, coast-to-coast U.S. province began several years ago, when friars from six U.S. OFM provinces committed to a “union” that would energize OFM Franciscan presence in the United States, allow their voice to have greater reach and impact, and empower them to carry out important work more effectively and efficiently.  

We conducted a naming process that was open to all friars and this name received significant support. Our Lady of Guadalupe is patroness of the Americas and represents a commitment to justice while standing alongside the oppressed — both of which are are fundamental values to the Order.

By taking on a name that communicates the values of our friars and the broader Catholic community, we define our mission. We are called to humbly care for something greater as a fraternity of brothers who serve the communities where we live, the natural world we all belong to, and God, to whom we give ourselves entirely. 

While an existing U.S. province had this name, the new “Province of Our Lady of Guadalupe Province” is a new legal entity. The former Our Lady of Guadalupe Province is now part of he new province. We begin using the new province name externally in its full legal and canonical capacity when the new coast-to-coast province comes into existence in October 2023 with headquarters in Atlanta, GA.   

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