Join the friars as we reflect on the Gospel for each Sunday of Lent and reflect on it from the Franciscan tradition. These videos prayerfully explore how Franciscan spirituality links with the Gospel’s impact on today’s society. 

Each week’s reflections will be shared on our website,, as well as our social media channels.  

“We believe that this series will not only deepen the spiritual lives of our community members but will also extend its meaning to the wider public through heartfelt homilies inspired by these Franciscan insights,” said Br. Michael Johnson, OFM, who is hosting the series with Br. Greg Friedman, OFM.    

Br. Greg added, “As we journey through this Lenten season, let us open our hearts to the teachings of St. Francis and explore the profound messages embedded in the Gospel. May this be a time of introspection, enlightenment, and spiritual growth for us all.” 

Week 1: Jesus is tempted in the desert

Guest: Br. Daniel Horan, OFM


Week 2 – Transfiguration of Jesus

Guest: Br. Tyler Harris, OFM


Week 3 – Jesus driving out the money changers in the temple

Guest: Br. Greg Friedman, OFM


Week 4 – Jesus meets Nicodemus

Guest: Br. William Short, OFM


Week 5 – Jesus contemplates his passion

Guest: Br. Roger Lopez, OFM

Week 6 – Palm Sunday: The commemoration of the Lord’s entrance into Jerusalem

Guest: Br. Ryan Thornton, OFM


Week 7 – The Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Guest: Provincial Minister Br. Lawrence Hayes, OFM