Joshua Weinerth brings a love for beekeeping to his Franciscan discernment. Could his efforts result in Franciscan honey? "Hey, I'm all for it," says Joshua, a third-generation beekeeper from California. Many of the bees he keeps for his commercial pollination and honey production business are those he rescues. 

Joshua's protection of creation is apparent. "St. Francis himself was always a reflective man, always in tune with his surroundings and nature," he says. “I can relate to that. But also, through the lifestyle maintained even in modern times through the brotherhood." 

See how Joshua is abuzz with faith in preserving God's creation in the spirit of St. Francis. Could a friar's life bee in your future – or for someone you know? There are always opportunities to use your talents and gifts in Franciscan ministry. Learn more today by contacting our vocations office.