Our work

Witnessing the Good News

Whether brothers, priests, friars-in-training, or candidates for the Order, our mission is the same: To bring the Good News to all people. Our work is lead by friendliness, kindness, love and compassion — especially in service to the poor and underserved.

You can find us working in your community parishes, schools, urban and campus ministry centers, chaplaincies, on mission trips and at retreat centers. Our ministry work also serves homeless shelters and “Come Home” programs for alienated Catholics. Franciscan work is flexible, service-led and dedicated to witnessing the Gospel according to the real needs people everywhere.

Where we work


Bellas Artes

Guaymas, Mexico
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St. Francis Regis Church

Huslia, AK
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Retreat center & Mission

Old Mission San Luis Rey Retreat Center

Oceanside, CA
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St. Anthony Shrine

Boston, MA
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Retreat center

Franciscan Renewal Center

Scottsdale, AZ
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St. Clement Church

Cincinnati, OH
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Immaculata Catholic School

Durham, NC
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Ministering on the road

Friars frequently travel beyond the locations included above to preach parish missions, days of recollection and retreats. To learn more, please contact our main office.

Help us help others

Because of your generosity, we can continue to make a difference in the lives of those in need. Your financial support and generosity allow us to care for the poor, educate young friars, and care for elderly friars who have served so many for so long.